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Who is Holladay CBD?

The Johancsik’s were inspired to start CBD Vitality Advantage Holladay because of their extensive background in law and medicine. After finding a non-addictive way to manage her own pain, Dawn Gray Johancsik’s medical background taught her that CBD works on the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to promote a balanced state of well-being or homeostasis. She realized that CBD products can be used as a feasible alternative to opioids and narcotics for pain, emotional distress, and addiction.

Overall, CBD products offer an array of benefits, including maintaining a focused mind, stress relief, and pain management. Dawn wanted to take advantage of these benefits and start a CBD company that was “not just your brother’s vape shop”, but rather a health and wellness company people can trust.


Their in-house team focuses on offering legal products and strengthening relationships with their clients. When shopping, their customers can enjoy a wide variety of products and fair pricing. 

Some of their products include CBD Oil, Incense, Tincture, Metaphysical, Gummies, Beauty, Capsules, Drinks, Water Soluble, and Topical products. They also sell distinct products grown and developed by Aruba Aloe, which operates the oldest Aloe plant globally. They even offer pet care products! CBD Vitality Advantage Holladay pet care products are formulated by experienced veterinarians who understand the needs of dogs and cats!

Shop here to begin your wellness journey!