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This Is The Place Heritage Park

This is the place to have your wedding day! If you’re getting married in Salt Lake City, Utah, you’ve come to the right place. The Park features historic buildings that represent the early days of settlement in the state. The park is free to visit, and you don’t need to purchase a state park pass to enjoy the park. If you’re planning a wedding for more than one guest, consider a multi-day event at This Is The Place Heritage Park. You can visit the park at 2601 Sunnyside Ave S, Salt Lake City, UT 84108.

This is the Place has a pond filled with water for farm animals. Its splash pad is great for children on hot days! There are also new playground toys for all ages. The park will soon have a swing/zip line! This is the place to celebrate Utah’s pioneer heritage. Whether you’re a history buff or just interested in local culture, there’s something for everyone at this park.

While this park isn’t particularly large, it still offers an interesting history of the city. Its location was vital to the Pony Express, which carried messages from Missouri to California. The trail now crosses eight states, allowing modern travelers to follow the path and visit historic museums along the way. If you plan to travel to the Park, be sure to check out its visitor center. The staff here will be happy to give you maps, literature, and suggestions for where to go. Check it out here

The park boasts a variety of year-round recreational opportunities, including cross-country ski trails and a pond with two islands. The park also features a fountain pond, seven volleyball fields, and a basketball court. There are many activities to keep you entertained while visiting This Is The Place Heritage Park Salt Lake City UT. While you’re in the park, make sure to check out the Isaac Chase Mill, the oldest commercial building in Utah.

One of the most iconic landmarks of Salt Lake City is the Mormon Temple. Founded in 1853, the Mormon Temple stands three towers. The east tower is topped with a 13-foot-high gilded angel named Moroni. You can see detailed models of the temple’s interior at the North Visitors’ Center. If you’re visiting with children, make sure you check out the Leonardo interactive museum. The interactive museum is a great educational excursion for the whole family. Check this out

This Is The Place Heritage Park Salt Lake-City is near the Hogle Zoo. There are several buildings that have been replicated, preserved, and moved to the park. There are also replicas of the original tribes in Northern Utah and a Native American village. You’ll also find petroglyphs in Southern Utah. It’s an excellent place for kids to learn about their history.