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Keith Clark Backflow Incense Cones Count 15


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Backflow incense is created by using incense cones in an incense burner. They get the name backflow because the smoke is pushed down instead of rising up like regular smoke. You will still see the smoke rise from these cones as well. If you’d like something that creates a beautiful visual effect, the backflow incense cones are a great choice.

These Backflow Cones are 2" and hold as much oil as an 11" stick. The difference is they burn for about half as long, releasing twice as much aroma. If you like your incense strong, you'll like the cones. Each one burns for 20 minutes to about half an hour. Depending on the area where they are lit and the air flow in the area, they may burn quicker. Also, to obtain the full effect of the Backflow "mist", make sure there is no draft around your burner. KCC Incense Cones do not leave your space smokey and uber hazy. They are a nice clean burning incense.

Comes 15 to a Pack.

Weight 0.109 lbs

Cinnamon Spice, Refresh, Moroccan Nights, Island Spice, Nag Champa, Patchouli, Egyptian Musk, Allure, Black Coconut, Lavender Mint, Frankincense & Myrhh, Cherry Wood, Headspace, Exotic Gardens