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Beehive Blends Magic Mushrooms 3500 mg 10 Count


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These are Psychedelic (non-Psilocybin) Mushroom gummies derived from 3 types of ancient Mushrooms that are 100% legal and safe. Our proprietary mushrooms powder and spore blend help patients overcome mental health struggles, help open the mind and awareness, provide for restorative sleep, help overcome emotional blocks and barriers. Micro dose with 1/2 gummy per day. Take 1 gummy for an focused yet relaxed grounded pleasant barely noticeable effect, take 2 gummies to have an experience in nature or on your day off. 3-4 gummies will definitely provide a more powerful and unforgettable experience that some patients call "spiritual" or "connected universal" awareness. Expect colors to seem extra colorful, expect lights to seem a bit brighter, a feeling of happiness, forgiveness, and grounded to Mother Earth. Mushrooms are the next wonder drug that will help us get off addictive narcotics and medications. Choose from Mango or Blue Raspberry flavors. Both are delicious Enjoy.


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