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Cascade Springs

If you’re looking for a family-friendly activity, then a trip to Cascade Springs in Provo UT might be in your future. Located in the heart of Utah’s Wasatch Front, the natural springs are sure to please any member of the family. Boardwalks and paved pathways meander through the park’s scenic wetlands. Visitors can stroll among the waterfalls, streams, and natural springs.

There are two different loop trails to choose from, each with its own unique features. The lower loop trail is wheelchair-accessible, while the upper loop trail is a steeper but still manageable hike for small children. The trails are both well-marked, but you may want to take your children along if they’re young or in strollers. The lower and middle loop trails are close to each other and feature interpretive signs.

Despite the relatively mild climate, Cascade Springs is scenic throughout the year. Throughout June and September, the artesian springs are abundant with showy flowers such as onions, larkspur, sego lilies, and wyethia. Aspen, maple, and oak trees provide beautiful fall colors. Even moose roam the area. The natural springs surrounding the park make for a pleasant getaway no matter what time of year it is. Refer to This Page for More Tips

In the springs themselves, Cascade Springs’ water gushes out of the ground. This upper loop is where you can see the most recent regrowth of plants and trees. The springs were not affected by the 2003 prescribed fire, and the structures at Cascade Springs were untouched. The area is also surrounded by a layer of glacial sediment from 30,000 to 10,000 years ago.

Getting to Cascade Springs is easy. The paved trail takes you through three interconnecting loops that have boardwalks. There are plenty of benches lining the trail so that you can rest. Along the trail, you can read up on the geology and plant life in the area. It is possible to spend the entire day exploring the springs and its surroundings. If you’re planning to hike, be prepared for crowds on Saturdays. Refer to This Site for Additional Information

Getting There: From the Utah State University campus, take US-40 E toward Orem. Follow the road to the town of Midway. Follow this road to reach the trailhead. Be sure to pay the toll before entering this area of Utah. Cascade Springs is located approximately three miles west of the BYU Alumni Camp. Approximately five miles further along the road, the trailhead is on State Route 92.

Hiking: For those who enjoy nature, Cascade Springs is a must-visit spot on the Alpine Loop. You can hike to a waterfall with sparkling pools and limestone terraces. You can also walk to the ponds and waterfalls by choosing one of two paths from the parking area. Cascade Springs has three 15-minute loops that allow you to explore the park’s waterfalls and ponds. There is also barrier-free access and interpretive information to help you understand the unique natural wonders and landscape.